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Why Kalkan?

Kalkan is a small charming town located on Turkey’s south Mediterranean coast. This area is often known as the Turquoise coast due to its beautiful turquoise waters and blue flag award winning sea. This part of Turkey is as far away from the troubles in Syria, as London is from Paris, and remains a peaceful haven for local residents and thousands of holiday makers each year.  Many guests say they feel safer here than at home, so don’t let the media put you off. The fact is that Turkey is still a very safe country with little violent crime.

With a stunning back drop of the Taurus mountains and nestled in a bay by the sea, it is easy to see why Kalkan is often referred to as the “Jewel of the Mediterranean coast” or “Turkey’s best kept secret”. The history of Kalkan goes back to when both Greeks and Turks lived here together, fishing the waters and harvesting the olives for a living. Today Kalkan has grown into a small town with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, but it has not lost its intimacy and charm. It has become sophisticated, attracting European holiday makers (particularly the British) with its warm weather, stunning beaches and excellent array of restaurants. It is said that there are more than 100 restaurants to choose from!

By day most Kalkan visitors enjoy lapping up the sun by the pool, the beach or the local beach clubs located around the bay. At nightfall many head into the town centre to choose where they will enjoy a delicious dinner? By the harbour perhaps or at one of Kalkan’s many roof top restaurants overlooking the sea. Whatever your budget you will find great food to enjoy, from local meze’s (starters), to Turkish Pide (pizza) and kebabs, to delicately grilled sea bass or slowly cooked lamb shank. All washed down of course with the local Efes Beer, Raki or wine.

Kalkan’s nightlife is low key and limited to a number of outside music bars catering for a mix of ages and music tastes. There is enough for youngsters to be entertained in the busy July and August holidays.

If you are hoping for a bit more than just a sun and sea holiday then you will find this too. Within a 10 to 45 minute drive of the town, are the stunning beaches of Kaputas and Patara, the gorge at Saklikent and too many historic sites to mention. Then there are daily boat trips from the harbour, the joys of a Turkish bath and for the men, the experience of a Turkish barbers’ shave. Just take a look at the Kalkan Guide in this website for more ideas.

Most of all Kalkan is renowned for its excellent choice of private holiday rentals, which are offered to a high standard and represent excellent value for money. Whether you want a small apartment, or large villa with infinity pool we have it all. You can expect to find the utility, cleaning and laundry costs included, as well as free Wi-fi at most properties. Many owners provide detailed information about the property and area and even pop in a small welcome pack for your arrival.

So what are you waiting for?

There is something in Kalkan for everyone!


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