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The Turkish Bath or “Hamam” is one of the delights of Turkish culture. If experienced early in your holiday it is also said to be a great way to deepen and prolong your holiday tan. Steeped in culture, and akin to a Roman bath, you will find traditional Hamam’s all over Turkey. In many Turkish towns the Hamam is segregated for men and women, however in Kalkan our Hamams are open to all, to allow for couples and families to enjoy the experience together.

The Turkish bath consists of a marble clad room with bench style seating around the sides and a hot marble slab in the centre. Around the edges are elegant taps used to fill Hamam bowls of hot water, which are then poured over your head. Sitting in this warm and steamy environment is preparation for the body scrub (known as “Kese”) performed by a trained “Tellak”. The body scrub is generally performed on the hot slab in the centre of the bath and get rids of layers of dead skin that you never new existed.  The whole experience is then topped off with a sensuous soap foam massage. At the end of the bath you will have the chance to relax on a sun bed, wrapped in towel and to cool down before showering to go home. After the Turkish Bath your skin will feel ultra clean and your body relaxed, ready to start your Kalkan holiday!

Kalkan has several options for your Turkish bath but the most popular are considered to be “The Atlantis”, “The Pirat Hotel” and “La Sera”.  Additionally several hotels, including the Regency, Rhapsody, Lykia Spa, have Hamam facilities open to non residents.

We suggest that you wear your swim wear to the Hamam. Ladies will find a two piece bikini or tankini is an easier choice when it comes to getting scrubbed.




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