About Us

Officially opening its doors in 2018, Kalkan Holidays has been going from strength to strength, riding out the storm of Covid with smart people management and investment back into the business. The team at Kalkan Holidays has over 50 years of experience in tourism within Kalkan and over 30 years of experience in the property and rental markets. 

The team is headed up by Tufan Duymaz who started his career in banking and then joined the family in Kalkan to pursue his dream of owning and running a successful business. Tufan found that in banking it was the customer contact and his ability to assist people that made him happy and these skills were easily transferable to his current business. 

Kalkan Holidays and Black Lion Property are intertwined, to bring you the best possible range of Kalkan property services, from holiday rentals, comprehensive property management and maintenance services including property sales, through to architectural changes, new building designs, and even insurance. Now operating from two offices the business is growing from strength to strength.

Although diverse the business has clear structures and continues to ensure that its number one priority is making sure that the customer always comes first. When you are next in Kalkan why not pop by and meet the team?