Greek Island of Meis

Greek Island of Meis

The Greek island of Meis (Kastellorizo) is just off the coast from Kas and takes approximately 30 minutes to get to via a ferry that runs once a day. With a permanent population of just 500 in 2020 this is a quaint small island to visit and an easy day trip.

The inhabitants of the island have been very confused about their nationality in the past, originally settled by Rhodians, they were then invaded by Egypt, Catalan, Ottomans (on more than one occasion), Greeks, French, Italian, British and finally Greeks when they joined the Greek State in 1948 and have remained ever since.
The trip across the sea is easy and mostly calm (for those that get motion sick), and as the ferry approaches the tiny Greek harbour you see that it is worth the visit.  The harbour is on three sides and the small chocolate box houses stand to attention, all painted in different pastel colours, and waiting to be explored.

If you feel like a little uphill exploring, head out of the harbour on the footpath next to where the ferry docks and go up into the hills.  From here you will gain some stunning views for brilliant photographs, as well as be able to visit the 14th-century castle ruins.

For lunch, the best place to sit is in the harbour, where the fresh seafood is cooked, often on a BBQ or should you so desire you can eat fresh pork sausages or a tender pork chop while drinking a cold beer and watching the world go by.  If you are lucky you will see one of the two giant turtles that live in the harbour and who enjoy frolicking just off the quay.

To catch the ferry back you need to go through a small passport control hut, then onto what must be the smallest Duty Free shop in the world!!  However, if you need to pick up anything they do sell most things, in limited quantity.