Kas and Kaputas Beach

Kas and Kaputas Beach

On the road to Kaş, located just 7km from Kalkan and reached by 187 steps is one of Turkey's most photographed beaches.  Nestled in a mountain canyon, where for thousands of years water has run over the rocks the beach is well protected, and the beautiful turquoise sea slowly ebbs in and out. Kaputaş (pronounced Caputash) is worth a visit, however, be warned in the height of the summer parking is limited and traffic can be heavy.

If you stop off at Kaputaş for a photo opportunity, even a quick dip in the sea, you can drive another 20 minutes and arrive in Kaş (pronounced Cash).  
Kaş is a modern town which occupies the site of ancient Antiphellos. There is a 4th century BC Lion Tomb in one of the streets leading out of the harbour square as well as the ruins of an amphitheatre near the harbour, both well worth a visit.

This is also one of the more popular places to dive in Turkey there are a number of wreck sites, and six artificial wrecks are worth visiting. These wrecks are submerged to create artificial reefs. There are two historically important wreck sites, an airplane from World War II and a cargo ship from the 1950s sunk near the small islands in the extremities of Kaş. One last important diving spot is the "Kaş Archaeopark Site", an experimental archaeology project conducted by the Underwater Research Society (Sualtı Araştırmaları Derneği-SAD) in 2006. In this scientific project, an interpretative reconstruction of the Uluburun wreck and its cargo has been placed underwater.

If you are not into diving, then you can wander around the backstreets and alleyways. Kaş is very different to Kalkan, it was discovered by the hippies in the 60s and a lot of them are still there, it has a laid-back feeling, almost as though time has forgotten it, with many hidden bars and cafes. It is also more culturally diverse than its neighbouring towns, with tourists and residents from any number of countries.